Labels and Tags

What the data tag and labels are used for.

Data Tag

A drop-down menu is at the top of the user interface, which is used to set the data tag. The data tag is stored in the metadata for each integration. Depending on the selected tag, certain sensor functions behave slightly differently. The following options are available:

  • Mapping

    • Data are stored on disk whenever "good data" is received from the sensor.

    • Under normal conditions, the data tag should be set to Mapping to enable data collection and storage.

  • Testing

    • Data are stored on disk whenever "good data" is received from the sensor.

  • Calibration

    • Data are stored on disk whenever "good data" is received from the sensor.

    • The motion-activated function is ignored, which means data are captured even if this option is enabled, and the sensor is not moving.

  • Discard

    • No data are stored on disk, even though good data is received from the sensor.

It is important to remember that after changing the data tag and labels in the user interface, these changes need to be communicated to the sensor.

The data tag and labels are attached to the raw data during data collection on the control unit (the sensor), not the ground station! Therefore, any changes to the data tag or new labels must be transferred to the sensor before they become effective.

If the tag or labels of the sensor are modified while it is not connected to the ground station, the sensor will not register the new values. This situation could be problematic if, for instance, the user forgets to change the data tag from "Discard" to "Mapping" while the drone is already in flight, and the sensor is no longer connected to the ground station due to loss of WiFi signal. In such cases, it becomes impossible to communicate the new data tag to the sensor, and consequently, the sensor will not be able to collect any data until the connection with the ground station is reestablished.

Data Labels

The user can provide three additional labels, which are used by the ground station and online processor to name folders and give meaningful names to raw data files. The labels are also stored in the metadata.

Data are always appended to existing client, farm, and field label combinations. Therefore, giving each data collection session a unique and useful set of labels is advisable.

Used labels are stored in a drop-down menu.

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